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Education at Shekhar's Pride means 'Education for Life'.We prepare our children for life....

Except educational excellence we also value co-curricular activities to enhance complete development of a child ....


Education is a joint effort between the School and the parents and a close cooperation between them is essential.We on our part are doing our best and are hereby listing few helping tips for you that will help you in better parenting.

*Think of something that you are doing for your child that he could be doing for himself. Give this to your child as a new responsibility.  In this way, you build his self-esteem and are teaching self-reliance.

*Here are 3 rules to teach children responsibility:
    ·     Stop remembering for them
    ·     Don’t say “I told you so!”
    ·     Don’t tell them what will happen, let the consequences do that for you.

*Children should never be treated cruelly or harshly in the process of being educated. The whole essence of discipline is wrapped inside a small truth called love. If you really love your children and tell them not to do something, they will rarely misbehave.
Think of three things you love about your child. Write them down. Take an opportunity to share those things with your child today. Keep the list in a drawer.
Next time you get mad at your child, take the list out. Read it… Remember the feelings you had when you created the list. Remember your child’s response to hearing you share the list. Give your child a hug.
Happy Parenting :)

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